An excellent critique of British blogging at Flying Rodent, with many quotable bits, including this:

Make no mistake – the day that blogs become the primary news source for a plurality of the populace will be a cataclysm at the species level, like Spanish Flu or the Black Death.

If I believed what I read just on British blogs, I’d genuinely believe that the country was simultaneously powerless before a ravening horde of scimitar-wielding foreign invaders and seconds away from marching all minorities into death camps. I’d believe that democracy itself – an electorate voting in favour of public services and the necessary taxation to cover them – is a psychotic tyranny akin to Nazi Germany. I’d never set foot over my door for fear that I’d be instantly raped in the face by a gang of feral crackheads.

Some readers might point to intelligent, well-written blogs run by reasonable individuals, but frankly, pish and tush. British blogs run at roughly 5% sober budget analysis to 95% face-raping crackheads.

I have a lot of sympathy with his scepticism about what blogging brings to political debate. It may be that it grows up, or that the cream floats to the top, if the traditional media do go under. I know that bloggers like Guido would say that. In doing so, though, they’re themselves the benefit of a pretty major doubt – and abandoning the scepticism they dump all over politicians and the MSM.

Where British blogging is at
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