We had thirteen projects pitched at the end of the second day of CityCamp Brighton. Tomorrow, people will be working on:

  1. Vital Reality (Peter Bentley): Gaming for sustainable communities. Needs: technical help, ideas, anyone!
  2. CityHive (Rob Shepherd): A central resource for anyone to build any kind of list for the community to access. Needs: Ideas, technical help
  3. Learn Local First (Sue Korman): Local information and data for learning. Needs: Design, information architecture, tech support, ideas
  4. Wiki-curriculum (Richard Vahrman): Collaborative curriculum-writing. Needs: Anybody!
  5. Safe Night Out (Sue George and David White): Mobile app/service to keep teens and vulnerable people safe. Needs: Tech support, offer/strategy
  6. Open-311 (Greg Hadfield): Multichannel non-emergency service. Needs: Define proposition, research/define requirements, auditing
  7. DemocracyBot (Esko Reinikainen): Proof of concept taking tweets from #ccbtn stream and analysing them, then emailing results to one of three different addresses. Needs: Coders/tech/twitter/ideas/strategy
  8. Zocalo (David Bramwell): Getting people to connect across the city through one big street event in neighbourhoods. Needs: design/website/PR campaign
  9. I Can Help (Paul Brewer): Connecting people who can help, with those who need it – microvolunteering. Needs: Website help, design, mobile app
  10. Interactive Community Noticeboard (Cat Fletcher): Bus, train, car park spots where people are: delivering public and community information. Needs: Geeks! Technology/developer, designer, council person, business knowledge.
  11. Online community groups (Frank Le Duc): Online boards for voluntary groups to ask for help, share news, etc. Needs: Website, marketing, outreach, ideas/strategy
  12. Touchy Peely (Prem Rose): Brokerage site for compost, neighbourhood cohesion, landfill reduction. Needs: Back-end dev, front-end dev, design
  13. Apps for Good Brighton (Mark Walker): Strategy to deliver programme teaching young people to solve problems through designing apps. Needs: Strategy, ideas, technical help

Thanks to everyone for turning up, and particularly the creators of the 52 original ideas and the proposers of our thirteen final projects. See you tomorrow!

CityCamp Brighton: the Sunday projects list
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