Carl Haggerty has a great post about the people who have helped and supported him when he’s felt alone as a future thinker. It ends with this magnificent paragraph, which would be an asset to any council’s organisational development plan:

As for organisations, the challenge for them is to stop people feeling lonely, to stop those people who have been thinking feeling lonely, those people who are having great ideas feeling lonely and those people who can’t or won’t say anything for fear that they will left alone, from feeling lonely. We need to encourage people to tell their stories, to stop feeling lonely and to keep thinking.

(from Thinking, being alone and saying thanks « Carl’s Notepad)

Loneliness and the long-term thinker
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One thought on “Loneliness and the long-term thinker

  • 30th July 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Waaah! Now I’m feeling really lonely. Though in seriousness, I work mainly alone for an organisation that does make me feel valued and part of something bigger.

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