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Falling out

Here’s something from a few days back I missed first time around: a Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate has stood down because local associations refused to campaign for him unless he joined the party.

The Telegraph reports:

Mr Pye, an independent member of Cambridgeshire Police Authority, said: “I was encouraged to put my name forward as a potential Conservative candidate because of my commitment, skills and understanding of local policing. My values are Conservative but I am not a politician. I believe firmly that the governance of policing must be impartial and non-political. I also do not consider that I could convince the public of my impartial stance if I was a member of a political party – and that has been borne out in many of my conversations with local people.

Another example of the political party as a mediaeval guild (thanks to Anthony Painter for this analogy) – do your time, serve your apprenticeships and we’ll fight off any outsiders. Enhanced by Zemanta
Police Commissioners – fall of a non-party party man
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