Not an elaborate metaphor. Dutch TV showed not one, but eight debates between the party leaders in advance of today’s general election, and there’s an excellent review of them all at the Extremis Project blog, (Populism makes them laugh – Wilders and Roemer lasting a marathon of debates). Extract:

Over the past few weeks the ratings for the main television debates on Dutch public and private broadcasters were good, consistently above a million and debates featured among the top viewed programs of that day (yes, this is nothing compared with the almost ten million watching a European Championship football game, but it’s close to the 1.5 million watching the daily soap Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden every day).

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Written by Anthony Zacharzewski

Anthony Zacharzewski was one of the founders of Demsoc in 2006. Before starting work for Demsoc in 2010, he was a Whitehall civil servant and a local government officer.