I always enjoy finding little snippets that confirm my prejudice that politics is mostly the same arguments over and over again on slightly different facts. So I was delighted to stumble upon this article, which might have been written this week, but was in fact written twenty-eight years ago by Barbara Castle, in Tribune.

Once again the European Parliament is in the middle of a row over the budget with. the Council of Ministers. What is it all about this time? People have got tired of these endless crises, which the EEC seems to muddle through somehow. Yet it is the boring repetition of budgetary rows that is significant.

It means that every year the Community is increasingly unable to keep pace with its existing commitments, let alone finance new policies to deal with unemployment and the world’s famine areas.

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Written by Anthony Zacharzewski

Anthony Zacharzewski was one of the founders of Demsoc in 2006. Before starting work for Demsoc in 2010, he was a Whitehall civil servant and a local government officer.