The brilliant Electionista has collated various polls from around the world on the possible military action Syria (here) and to my slight surprise there is a country that seems quite ready to take military action. I had expected big anti-war majorities because war isn’t usually a popular cause.

So who’s gung-ho? It’s not the US (where polls are against even if chemical weapons were definitely used), it’s not the UK, it’s France – whose discussion of the war is almost invisible in the UK press, presumably because it doesn’t always happen in English.

Two polls show the majority of French people who expressed an opinion in favour of an attack sanctioned by the UN. Why should this be? My guess is that they avoided the trauma of the Iraq War (and the poll question mentions UN approval as well), so they have less of a burden of history. France is also the former colonial power in Syria and Lebanon.

Polls on Syria from @Electionista
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