The UK ‘Open Government Partnership National Action Plan’ is a biennial plan developed between civil society organisations and the UK government to decide how to open up government.

We at the Democratic Society are the lead for developing the civic participation strand of the next plan, and we’re keen to get input from as many people as possible.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved:

Attend an event

Demsoc, the government, and the UK Open Government Network are co-hosting a series of events to discuss the civic participation proposals brought up as part of the Open Government Manifesto.

The first of these will be in London on the 25th February – and we’re very keen for anyone with an interest to attend – be that civil servants, academics, representatives of civil society organisations, or any individual generally interested in civic participation.

We will discuss a variety of topics, including:

  • Open policy making
  • How to improve consultations
  • Localism, devolution, and possibilities for a ‘local open government partnership’.
  • Open contracting
  • Budget participation

There will be other events taking place over the next 2 months, including one in Manchester, and there will also be events that we support in Scotland, and hopefully Wales and Northern Ireland too. We also have plans to hold some events online, to allow those outside the big cities to engage. We’re just finalising the details of all this and will confirm more details soon

Comment on the draft narrative

There is a document available which seeks to:

  • Introduce the theme of civic participation
  • Set out what challenges the OGP is trying to solve with respect to civic participation
  • Set out what outcome we want to achieve by 2018

This document will help introduce the civic participation strand in the National Action Plan, and will help inform what commitments should be included.

It is currently a draft that has been written with input from the Open Government Partnership civil society network, as well as government leads in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

We would like your comments on how to improve this draft narrative, and especially comments on:

  • Does it miss out on aspects of openness or civic participation?
  • How can the case be made even more compelling?
  • Are the outcomes set at the right level of ambition?

For those who are interested in the draft narratives for the other National Action Plan themes – access to information, anti-corruption, open data and public accountability – these are also published for comment:

If you have any questions about the civic participation strand of the OGP National Action Plan, please email Michelle Brook.