The referendum is, in theory, one of the best democratic instruments around.  One person, one vote. Direct Democracy in action. Look at Switzerland!

However, when we look at referendums in more detail, we can be exposed to a very different picture. Are referendums being used within a democratic culture that generates positive democratic outcomes?

Alistair Stoddart from The Democratic Society will speak on a panel about The Place of Referendums in Scotland and the UK in Glasgow on Wednesday 13th September 2017 from 5.30pm.  

The event has been organised by the Centre for Scottish Public Policy and the discussion will reflect on recent referendums, a future Scottish independence referendum and the interpretation of the recent UK “Brexit” referendum.

The event will examine when, and how, referendums have been, and should be, used in parliamentary democracy in the UK and in Scotland.

Did the #IndyRef create a new democratic energy in Scotland? Did the #EUref provide a deliberative debate and a decisive outcome?

Alistair will touch on these questions while also providing his thoughts on alternatives to referendums and ideas about participative democracy.

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