Demsoc (The Democratic Society) is a membership organisation promoting participation, networked democracy, and active citizenship.

The decline of political parties, rise of interest groups, deteriorating election turnout and reduced trust in institutions shows that the traditional processes of mass compromise through the party system is insufficient.

There is no a single platform or solution that can deliver the change needed, multiple different approaches need to be undertaken in an environment of openness, transparency, and interoperability.

We work to support active citizenship, helping people find existing routes into government, providing the tools and information they need to become active participants in government at every level.

We also work with local, national and international governments to build better democracy and accountability into existing structures, and to create and test new ways of connecting people and government. We undertake projects such as NHS Citizen to promote positive democratic participation around issues. We have a small staff team and are run democratically.

If you want to get in touch with us about this project, it’s easiest to email us or you can read more about us and our work on our main website.