Right in to the danger zone?

Right in to the danger zone?

Looking at the Networked Councillor report again today I was wondering why I have no discomfort working with politicians of other parties to develop thinking and practice about digital engagement with communities where the report suggests that Councillors prefer to develop within parties rather than across parties. The report talks about Next Generation users of digital tools, i.e. those who access the internet and use social tools using mobile devices rather than just through a PC or laptop at home now becoming Councillors. I wonder if Next Generation Councillors have a shifted view of the world which…Read more

Citizens Agenda – making local democracy more relevant

The Pitch – A Citizen’s Agenda Item At City Camp Brighton, I made the winning pitch of a citizens agenda item on the local council meeting agenda. The pitch won and got feedback that this idea would be most likely to create a citywide, sustainable change which benefits people. If you want to see the pitch, made as part of a team including Kirsty Walker from the Trust for Developing Communities, Annie Heath from the BHCC tenant involvement team, Luke Flegg from changethefuture.org and Simon Bannister from the Safe in the City partnership please view…Read more

U.N.I.T.Y “who you callin’ a bitch?”

Demsoc member Emma Daniel writes for International Women's Day today. This post first appeared on her blog. So, here are my thoughts on being a woman entering local politics and how I want to be treated, and how I want to behave…mostly. It’s also peppered with my thoughts on how women get treated who want to, whisper, run this town.  I am a feminist. This is what it means to me. How I want to behave as a local politician: 1. I am sister first, politician second. There is no place for sexist…Read more

The Doctor is Out

This post originally appeared on Emma's personal blog. I have been following this discussion with interest. Probably because I have worked in policy (in the voluntary sector for 15 years) and I am not put off by the title. Could ‘real’ people be interested in the blog posts? I am not sure they would be. Unless we involve ‘real people’ however, we are going to be a bunch of policy and democracy geeks navel gazing (albeit in an interesting manner). What does Open Policy mean to me? It means getting citizens involved in shaping…Read more

Kitchen cabinet – DIY democracy

This post originally appeared on Huxley06. The huge drift away from mainstream democratic processes, the decline of those that vote and the increase in other direct actions (UKUncut) for example is gulf that must be closed for a well governed society. Governance may be a boring sounding word, but good governance means good engagement of those they serve, sound financial strategy and services which are effective. Politicians are vital but what happened to decent politics? I watch the House of Commons and it looks like a juvenile bun fight in the refectory of…Read more