Ideas of Democracy: Save Democracy – Abolish Voting

Demsoc has just launched the first in our Ideas of Democracy series. The series is intended to give space for writers to express a vision and contribute to the debate on the future of democracy and democratic governance. The books are personal views, and not those of the Society. Here Paul Evans, author of "Save Democracy - Abolish Voting" discusses his new book, which you can buy online now. “Save Democracy – Abolish Voting” sketches out an alternative means of managing liberal democracy. It is an unusual book, in that it defends the…Read more

NHS Citizen: finding us at #Expo14NHS

We’re excited to be at the Healthcare Innovation Expo in Manchester tomorrow and Tuesday, and we also have plenty of opportunities for you to join the discussion and hear more about what we’re doing. We’ll be around the Community Space – close to the back of the Community stage and marked ‘community and allotment’ on some maps – for the whole event. If you have not already, you might want to read the NHS Citizen Vision document (v5) to give a bit more background and how we got here. What we want to…Read more

Formal accountability, or accountability plus?

I’m really excited about next week. We’ve got the first live test of the NHS Citizen Assembly Meeting at the NHS Health Care and Innovation Expo in Manchester on Tuesday. For many the Assembly Meeting may well be the most important element of the NHS Citizen system. I actually don’t agree with this, but I understand why people might think this; it’s certainly where the most visible theatre and drama will happen. It’s where members of the Board of NHS England have offered to sit with citizens and stakeholders and discuss difficult issues…Read more

Gather: the gathering

By now I hope you've seen the early prototype of the NHS Citizen Gather space, live online now for your ideas. We'll be using this, and some off-line methods, to make Gather come to life at the NHS expo - this blog post explains how, and what we hope to learn. Ideas online, ideas offline People have already put up a dozen or so ideas on the site, and please do go and put your own thoughts, then comment and rate others’. We will be taking all of the ideas that are on…Read more

Democracy in its many forms

This post is as a result of a single line in the suggested corrections for my thesis:  “The candidate should provide a brief overview and/or explanation of what form of democracy is being referred to as there appears to be a conflation of normative forms of democracy”. It’s a fair cop – while the question of democratic deficit is central to my interest in digital civic space my thesis ended up being rather seduced by the informal aspects of this and I became less interested in types of formal democratic participation.  One weakness…Read more

Your Feedback – NHS Citizen Gather

On Wednesday 20th February we launched the test version of the NHS Citizen Gather space and on Friday 21st we began to ask people to submit their ideas on what NHS Citizen should be talking about and for feedback on the site. Gather will give people opportunities to work together around particular issues, either those that NHS bodies want public opinion on, or those that arise from issues in the Discovery space. These might be issues concerning experiences of patients, users or carers, or those that highlight more general challenges (e.g. how services are commissioned). In this…Read more

NHS Citizen Leadership Day

Last week I was watching the live stream of the NHS Citizen event which took place in Sunderland.  I was in the open plan office so it garnered interest from colleagues who have been wondering what has kept me, Eliat Aram and Leslie Brissett so busy over the last few months. As we watched, twenty or so members of the local community turned up, having been energised a volunteer at the volunteer community centre to join in the discussions with health professionals from the voluntary sector, community-based workers and lecturers from Northumbria University.…Read more