Recommendations for improving online consultations

How can the experience of online consultations, as run by central government, be improved? This was the broad question that Demsoc and Snook were tasked with exploring as part of a six-week discovery phase project for the Government Digital Service. GDS were clear that they wanted the focus to be on platforms – although you can never separate platforms and process entirely. The two organisations brought different expertise and research skills to the project: Demsoc sharing insight around consultations and policy making, and leading upon desk-research and expert interviews; with Snook using their…Read more

How can open data help democracy?

It’s always good to read about open data and democracy in a mainstream newspaper , but often the focus of the pieces are too narrow, and it was in this case. While exploring broadly the idea of apps for democracy and open data, the focus was on voting as the main means of democratic engagement, without exploring how else citizens can engage in politics or policy making, and the article didn’t touch upon how to help citizens understand and use the data that is being made openly available. At the Democratic Society, we believe…Read more

How can online consultations be improved?

The Democratic Society and Snook are really excited to have been commissioned by the Government Digital Service to carry out a short piece of work exploring how the experience of online consultations, as run by Whitehall, can be improved. We will be writing a number of blog posts over the course of the project to share our thinking and invite comment, as we’re really keen to hear the views from a wide range of individuals who have been involved in designing, writing, or responding to, consultations. What are we doing? Over the next six…Read more