Democracy in the 21st Century

As Pia Mancini (co-founder of DemocracyOS and ‘the Net party’) said – “We are 21st-century citizens, doing our very, very best to interact with 19th century-designed institutions that are based on an information technology of the 15th century”. Democracy needs to modernize – starting at the foundation; the electoral system. Widespread calls for electoral reform seek to make the process fairer, more representative and accessible; but these efforts have largely failed by refusing to innovate. The UK system is an excellent example - a 2011 referendum offering to replace First Past the Post…Read more

The Case for Electoral Reform – Stronger Than Ever

The 2015 general election was a triumph for the Conservatives. Before the exit polls on 7th May no one foresaw a Tory majority. So how did it happen? In the weeks since the election there has been much speculation: Did Ed Miliband fail as a leader? Did Tory spending buy the vote? Should UKIP and the LibDems wind up their parties and leave British politics for good? It’s none of these. It’s simply the failure of our electoral system to deliver democracy. With 36% of those who turned out voting for the Tories…Read more