The Zero Heroes Community Competition

The Zero Heroes Community Competition

In 2013-14, The Democratic Society worked with Lewes District Council on the Zero Heroes Community Competition. The core challenge of the project was to encourage more residents to reduce waste by using a variety of techniques, and the project achieved several significant outcomes. The project was highlighted at the World Forum for Democracy in November 2013 as ‘potentially making a significant contribution to democracy’ and it won a Bronze Award in the Improvement and Efficiency Awards. You can now read our Zero Heroes project case study online.Read more
Zero Heroes – Final Update – Announcement of All Funded Projects

Zero Heroes – Final Update – Announcement of All Funded Projects

Thanks again to all who voted for ideas and submitted proposals as part of the Zero Heroes Competition. We are pleased to announce the full set of projects that will be funded as a result of the community competition and input from residents of Lewes District. Following our call for proposals, we were delighted to receive applications from across the district to fund community projects that were highlighted as a priority by residents throughout the competition. On the 13th November and 18th December 2014 Councillors Rob Blackman, Sarah Osborne and Paul Franklin met to approve projects for funding from…Read more

Zero Heroes Funding Update.

Following our call for proposals to receive funding from the Zero Heroes Prize Fund, we were delighted to receive applications from across the district that wished to fund projects selected by the public as priority in their area. On the 13th November Councillors Rob Blackman, Sarah Osborne and Paul Franklin met to approve projects for funding from the Zero Heroes Community Prize Fund. Every area won money in the competition and over 140 ideas were submitted to fund projects from across the district. The public then selected which of these ideas should be…Read more

Demsoc Scotland in Conversation with Delib.

I recently sat down and had a chat with Delib, a Digital Democracy company that designs  citizen engagement and consultation platforms for councils, national governments, and public service providers. They were interested to know more about the work the Democratic Society are doing in Scotland, and also my biscuit preferences... You can read the original post here. But for those of you who don't wish to click you can also read the article below: "At Delib, we’re big fans of the Democratic Society or Demsoc as pretty much everyone knows them. They do…Read more

Zero Heroes Competition: Voting has closed. Results will be out soon.

Thanks to all who have reduced their waste, and those who submitted and voted for ideas as part of the Zero Heroes Community Competition. We were delighted to receive 135 ideas from across the district that proposed to spend the prize fund in a variety of ways such as community gardens, improvements to community halls and support for youth clubs. You can see all the ideas in each area by following the links here. Voting has now finished and we are contacting those who submitted ideas shortly and will keep you updated about which projects will get…Read more

Zero Heroes: “How To Spend It” Events

It is almost time for the Zero Heroes “How to Spend It” events! Take part at 12 events around the district to work out how your community wants to spend its share of the prize fund, and how you can get more by recycling more. This is a great opportunity for local projects and improvements to receive funding. Please spread the word and come along to have your say on what you would like to spend money on in your community.  We are pleased to confirm the dates of the Zero Heroes How To Spend It Events:…Read more

Zero Heroes: 1000 Tonnes of Food Waste Collected.

The Zero Heroes Community Competition has assisted Lewes District Council's Food Waste Recycling Scheme in reaching a major milestone! Since the scheme started in June 2013 residents have been filling their caddies with food waste. As a result the 1,000 tonnes of food waste mark was reached on 21st February. That’s around two million caddies of food waste collected around the District! Congratulations to everyone. Once the food waste is collected it’s taken to a special processing plant at Woodlands in Whitesmith near Ringmer. It is here in a controlled environment that the…Read more

What research says about participation and innovation

Starving in the Midst of Plenty. Democracy is not satisfying people. Governments and political institutions are being said to be facing a “crisis of trust”and public disillusionment, which has created a “democratic deficit” in which “citizens find themselves in disconnected isolation from institutions and processes that are supposed to represent them." In other words, people do not feel involved or represented in the political decision making process that ultimately creates policies and services that affect them. The most recent Hansard Society Audit of Political Engagement shows clear evidence of such a democratic deficit…Read more

Zero Heroes Resources.

A range of resources are now available from the Zero Heroes Website to help people promote the Zero Heroes Community Competition in their area and help them win the biggest share of the £40,000 Community Prize Fund. Resources available include poster/flyer designs, in both High & Low Resolution format; a Sign Up sheet, so communities can sign up other people in the area and earn more points; and recipe cards. In a few weeks we will be announcing details and dates of the Zero Heroes "How To Spend It" Events. These events will give…Read more

Event Review: Demsoc at the Headstrong Club, Lewes, 31/1/14

The Elephant and Castle pub in Lewes was host to a packed room for the first Headstrong Club meeting of the year featuring Demsoc's Anthony Zacharzewski. Anthony spoke about the challenges and opportunities within contemporary democracy and some of projects the Democratic Society are running in Lewes District and beyond. Anthony used his allotted time to discuss "the practical consequences of where our democracy is today." He noted that we are currently "starving in the midst of plenty." Although voter turnout, engagement and trust in politicians and institutions are low; there are a variety of opportunities and possibilities for…Read more