The Festival of Democracy – DemFest – is based on the concept of a music festival with multiple stages and musical flavours, but it’s for people interested in discussing and developing fairer and more participatory political engagement.


DemFest brings together different people with diverse political experiences and preferences to enjoy a range of exciting democracy-related cultural events, thinking and talking. Please join in!


The last 12 months have seen huge upheaval in the UK’s political scene, but from the midst of this disruption we look for opportunity. How can we maximise the benefit and engage each other in genuine deliberative and productive conversation, given the Brexit vote, renewed calls for Scottish independence, huge rifts in political parties and great uncertainty and political flux around the world.


DemFest, the brainchild of the Democratic Society, has was launched in 2016 with a view to coming up with the right questions to ask and a place to discuss the problems we’re facing and the myriad possibilities for new forms of democratisation, experimentation and collaborative governance. Taking into account new ways of doing democracy and exploring celebrating and reinventing democracy for the 21st century.


See you at DemFest 2017!

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