As a non-profit organisation working for greater participation and dialogue in democracy, we are independent, non-partisan and politically non-aligned.  Who are we?

Our clients have included the Government Digital Service, the Cabinet Office, various institutions of the European Union, NHS England, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Scottish Government.

Our current projects include:

Civil Society and the European Citizens' Consultations

We're coordinating a new network of civil society around the citizens' consultations happening across EU member states between April and December 2018.

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Le Agorà di Messina

A 12-month programme to develop public spaces and participation in Messina, Italy.

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Open Contracting Partnership Scoping Study

We are conducting a scoping study, researching opportunities for adopting Open Contracting policies and practices in Greater Manchester.

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Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Governance Review

Researching and writing a report detailing recommendations for Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council about improving resident engagement as part of decision-making processes.

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Participatory Budgeting Works

Promoting Participatory Budgeting in Northern Ireland through training and workshops.

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EU Commission offices

Open Government and the European Union

Researching what initiatives are happening across the EU institutions to open up this level of government. And how these can be better supported and linked up.

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Exploring innovative engagement methods for housing associations and beyond

Exploring how a major provider of social housing, care and other services can improve how they engage with customers and enable customers to shape their services.

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Networked European Democracy

Exploring the different ways that people at the local level can influence conversations and policy-making at the European level. Launching January 2018.

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Digital Tools for Participatory Budgeting in Scotland

The Scottish Government commissioned Demsoc to conduct a research project into the use of digital tools to support Participatory Budgeting (PB), in the context of the requirements of local councils.

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Incubator for Participatory Democracy

We're collaborating with the Council of Europe to help build a network of cities who are interested in building a more participative democracy.

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Strengthening democracy and local governance in the Eastern Partnership Countries

We're working with the Council of Europe on a thematic programme strengthening institutional frameworks for local governance for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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Supporting civic activism in Northern Ireland

Working with civil society and communities to build democratic participation and openness in Northern Ireland, informed by best practice from our work in the UK, and drawing on international expertise.

More information about the projects we are mentoring in Northern Ireland can be found here: Civic Activism Programme

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Exploring new engagement approaches in Suffolk

Researching how Suffolk County Council can build a more collaborative relationship with the public.

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Open Government Partnership

The Democratic Society are excited to be the lead on the Civic Participation strand of the UK Governments commitments for the 2016 National Action Plan developed as part of the Open Government Partnership.

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EU Crowdsourcing

This is a research project aiming to identifynew methods that could be adopted or created for citizens to engage digitally with the European institutions.

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Empowered Citizens: Networked Communities

Empowered Citizens: Networked Communities is a project that seeks to increase the involvement of people and communities in Coventry at a neighbourhood level and through social networks.

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Public Participation in Decision Making

Demsoc designed and facilitated an event focusing on public participation in public body decision-making.  A wide range of people from Scottish public bodies and civil society attended and worked to produce a list of suggestions and tangible actions to assist the development of Scottish Government policy. The draft report from the event is now available on the project page.

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Collaborative Government in Scotland

Working with civil servants, academics and members of civil society to create a new kind of collaborative government in Scotland. Involving events, practical projects and innovative thinking.

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An innovation hub and crowd-sourced think tank, where you can find the support, research and support to design, create and launch projects to improve democracy.

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CityCamp Brighton

CityCamp Brighton is a local network of people and events working to accelerate social innovation projects within the City of Brighton

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