These principles were drawn up following discussion with Lewes District Council, East Sussex, who on 19 November 2012 became the first council to sign up to them.

Version 1.0

We will be a networked council, connecting and involving the full range of councils, communities and citizens across our area

We will be an open council, enabling and supporting public understanding of our decisions, our data and our reasons for action

We will be an accessible council, prioritising flexible online communications while providing offline and face-to-face information where it is needed.

We will be an involving council, supporting our residents and community networks to participate in and discuss every aspect of our services

We will be a collaborative council, fostering independent discussion spaces for which council and citizens are both responsible

We will be a creative council, designing engaging events and innovative environments that build participation in every group, service and place.

We will be a responsive council, responding honestly and openly to what we hear, whether we agree or disagree.

We will be an ambitious council, taking this vision of democratic public services to all our local partners, with the aim of extending a continuing, inclusive and productive democratic conversation across our area.