Exploring new approaches to engagement in Suffolk

We will be working with Suffolk County Council, helping them to build a more collaborative relationship with the public. This involves looking at existing public engagement inside the council and at the potential for wider citizen involvement out in the community.

We’ll do this by reviewing consultations that the council has run in the last three months, to look at what impact these activities have had, and what opportunities they are for building on this- in particular looking at the scope for a more systematic approach to building this engagement.

We will interview council staff, and councillors to find out what resources are already available. And we will run workshops to allow staff to share what is out there now, what more could be achieved, and how.

We will search social media to find people who are already connecting with their local community and talking about issues that are important to them- but are not necessarily engaging with Council institutions.

From this work, we’ll produce a report that identifies how the council can start to create a more participatory approach- looking at what opportunities there are, good practice that already exists, and the barriers out there. We’ll also identify people within the council as well as active citizens and community groups who are willing to take part in testing and piloting new ways of working together.


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