This research project is about identifying what is already happening to try and open up government  and governance at an EU level. It’s also about identifying who it is within the EU institutions that is driving this work forwards, and talking to them about how this work might be better supported – thinking about how lessons can be better shared, progress better communicated, and innovators within and outside institutions better linked up.

By opening up government and governance we are referring to things that build greater accountability, transparency and participation in government. You can see a fuller definition and examples of what open government means here.

EU Commission offices
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We are being commissioned by the Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI). This current project builds upon research we previously worked on for OSEPI, which analysed the work of the Open Government Partnership, and whether its approach might be useful applied to the EU (you can read the project page, and outcomes of that research here). The culmination of both these phases of research will be a public report that looks at how initiatives to open up EU governance could be better supported and taken forwards. We will also be discussing our findings at a roundtable in Brussels to which OSEPI will be inviting key innovators and advocates for opening up government at an EU level.

You may be able to help us with this research. If you know of interesting initiatives happening within the EU institutions, or know people who would be interesting to talk to about their work within the EU institutions then please get in touch. You can do this by emailing Mat on with a few sentences outlining the initiatives or people that you know about. It may be useful for us to have a quick research chat with you, and if you would be willing to take part in such a conversation please say so in your email. Thanks for helping us support open government in the EU.

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