Trusting Europe? How we (can) get citizen engagement right.

Following on from our previous work around Open Government, we are pleased to see the launch of the OGP Network in Brussels later this month.

Across Europe, trust in government and institutions is at an all-time low. Institutions are home to a growing set of initiatives that aim to place citizens at the heart of government, and build transparent, accountable governance. Committed reformers across the political landscape are coming together to explore how governments can better work for and with citizens, from local projects to the European Citizen Consultations pioneered by President Macron and being taken forward by the Commission and 27 member states.

On 22 May, the event sees the launch of a new network of champions working on transparency, accountability and citizen engagement across Europe, in all its diversity. Through the Open Government Network for Europe (OGNfE), the Open Government Partnership and The Democratic Society aim to connect and drive the growing efforts for open, accountable and citizen-centered government by bringing together committed reformers and civil society leaders across the continent.

The network is open to professionals from inside and outside the European institutions, and from Brussels and beyond. Activities will include town halls with political leaders, thematic fireside chats, peer learning opportunities, networking events and in-depth technical workshops. As the network develops, it will allow members to link and extend their open government initiatives, to create new projects using the network as a platform, and to move towards a common agenda for the development of open government and citizen participation across Europe.

Please register here if you are interested in taking part (or please share it if you know someone else you might be!).

To learn more, please contact Anthony Zacharzewski.



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