Moderate Party (M)

Moderate Party (M). Despite the name, the Moderates are Sweden’s principal centre-right party. The party claims its ideology is a mixture of liberalism and conservatism. The party has historically tended to be the most pro-market party in Sweden. However, due

People’s Party (PP)

People’s Party (PP, can also be translated as ‘Popular Party’). Spain’s currently ruling party is a centre-right catch-all party. The PP’s core came from the People’s Alliance, a party founded in 1976 by reformist Francoists which advocated a gradualist transition


Most-Hid. Most-Hid’s name is composed of the Hungarian and Slovak words for ‘bridge’. The party emerged as a split from the Party of the Hungarian Coalition (as it was then). The SMK’s former leader, Bela Bugar, and several other prominent