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Storify: #PostIndyRef event: The Future of Local Democracy in Scotland.

Profile photo of Alistair Stoddart Alistair Stoddart 19 January 2015

Innovation – are we ready for it to be a part of our DNA?

Profile photo of Hannah Rees Hannah Rees 05 March 2013

This post originally appeared on the LGA Knowledge Hub.  This blog post has been on my to do list ever since I visited Denmark a few weeks ago as part of the Bruce Lockhart Scholarship piece for the Local Government Challenge. I’m now watching the LG Digital tweets coming out and it’s forced me to…

Innovation in Policy (from NESTA and MindLab)

Profile photo of Anthony Zacharzewski Anthony Zacharzewski 10 November 2012

It’s from last month rather than this, but this short paper on innovation in the policymaking process – innovation in the process and innovation in the policy – is a good read.

Dear Funders…

Profile photo of Anthony Zacharzewski Anthony Zacharzewski 25 September 2012

Back at the Edgeryders conference in June, I worked with a group of other participants on alternatives to existing models of innovation funding. Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a draft letter, which we’ve collaboratively drafted. Here it is: [scribd id=106956665 key=key-1nckhfbdildr7lbxfn3g mode=scroll]

Media regulation: leave hyperlocal out of this

Profile photo of Anthony Zacharzewski Anthony Zacharzewski 23 April 2012

Damian Radcliffe is the author of “Here and Now – UK hyperlocal media today”. In this post he argues that at a time when media and digital regulation is under review, hyperlocal media should be left alone. This is a contribution to our media regulation discussion event on Wednesday afternoon. The recent announcement of £1m…

Technology for engagement?

Profile photo of Jo Ivens Jo Ivens 11 May 2011

How do we create a positive vision of Localism? How do we ensure that everyone who wants a say can have a say? What role can new technologies play in answering these big questions? Add these questions to a wifi keyboard, a bank of red sofas and some deep fried nibbles and you’ve got yourself…

Creating democratic, scalable innovation

Profile photo of Anthony Zacharzewski Anthony Zacharzewski 06 January 2011

Skunkworks image on a Lockheed Martin hangar. Image via Wikipedia There has been a big response to Dave Briggs’s blogpost, Is there a need for a local government skunkworks?, some of which Dave summarises here. Dave’s point goes beyond the traditional technology-prototyping skunkworks, familiar from companies like Lockheed Martin, and I think he is really asking…

Lunchtime list for June 18th

Profile photo of Anthony Zacharzewski Anthony Zacharzewski 18 June 2010

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Govt skunkworks planned for November – Plans for internal experiments – but just on process, or more widely? A sudden lack of clarity – What's happening to the English regions? Abolition? More consultation? It's not entirely clear. Experts and plebs – Tne…