Pirate Party (PP)

Pirate Party (PP). The Pirates caused something of an international sensation when they broke through in 2009 to take two seats. The party is the originator of the international Pirate Party movement. The party’s predominant issues are opposition to copyright

Green Party (MP)

Green Party (MP, a more direct translation would be ‘Green Environmental Party’). Sweden’s Green Party has been a presence on the national scene since 1988. The party is fairly typical for a green party, prioritising feminism, anti-nuclear power and climate


Podemos (literal translation: ‘we can’). Podemos is a new party in its first electoral outing. Founded earlier this year by left-wing academics, the party’s leader is a Spanish political science lecturer, Pablo Iglesias. The party is anti-corruption, supportive of participatory

European Spring (PE)

European Spring (PE). European Spring is an alliance of multiple left-leaning regionalist parties with the small green party Equo. Along with Equo, a very minor eco-socialist party, the major components of the list are the Compromise Coalition a centre-left coalition