Introductions again

It was gratifying to see our introductory presentation getting some love on Twitter yesterday, thanks to Su Butcher for starting the ball rolling, and to others for their kind comments. It's reminded me to post the link to the presentation again, not only because some people might not have seen it, but also because I'm involved in a couple of events this week where I'm going to be talking to people who don't know us. The first is a Big Society get-together in London, where civil society types are meeting some of the people working in Government on Big Society issues. The second is a meeting of the Employers' Forum on Disability on Wednesday, where the theme is "accessible technology". Here is the presentation, and I'll post a write-up of the Big Society event when I get the chance

Happy birthday to us

The Society was four years old on Friday, having officially been established on 16 April 2006. In celebration of this fact, kinda, online signup to membership is now available.

DavePress podcast features Demsoc

Most blogging is still going on over at TalkIssues, but I thought I would just briefly mention my appearance in Dave Briggs's inaugural podcast, talking about Demsoc and TalkIssues. Have a listen here.

Author’s note

Posting may be a bit light here for a week or two, as I'm working on a couple of longer pieces for publication elsewhere.

This is not your father’s

Just a quick note for blog feed users - following a successful hacking attempt on our site, we've switched things around a bit and redesigned the site. The blog is now at - the old Wordpress site is currently unavailable but will be back in the next 48 hours at the old address for continuity purposes. Your existing feed has been seamlessly updated, at least according to Feedburner, so it will still give you all the bloggy goodness from the Demsoc blog (apologies if there are some repeats from the last few days).

Political correctness

I enjoyed reading Sunder's piece at NextLeft, discussing the bogeyman that is political correctness, and particularly the new Campaign Against Political Correctness (incomprehensible website). I completely agree with Sunder that political correctness in the UK is a false argument: something that exists - as I said in a Twitter row with someone the other day - merely to legitimise rudeness, racism and prejudice as "mainstream". So with that in mind, I'm going to take some time off for Winterval, and will be back on 4 January, refreshed by lashings of tofurkey and organic…Read more

Event: New Social Media and Councils

Work pressure means I'm unlikely to blog much this week, but if you can't bear to be without my insights, I'm speaking at the LGIU's The New Social Media and Councils event on Thursday in London.Read more

Open primary in Brighton

The Conservative Party announced yesterday that the next open primary - where all voters are allowed to select the Conservative candidate for the general election - will be in the marginal constituency of Brighton Pavilion. This is also where the Society is based, so we're hoping we'll be able to support the discussions around the open primary on the website. If you live in Brighton, or even if you don't, we'd love to know what you think of the open primary process, and how you'd like to be engaged in it.

Canning spam

Lots and lots of spam comments since the August break for some reason, so I'm afraid I've had to implement ReCAPTCHA on comments and user registrations. Sorry for any inconvenience.


As Kentucky Congressman Jim Bunning said, "it's like I've fallen asleep in America and woken up in France". Like a surly boulanger, I'm going to take August off blogging (but not Twittering or updating the Facebook page). This will give me some time to do some much-needed planning and writing. See you on 1 September, mes amis.
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