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Here you can view all Governors, Staff and Associates who work on Demsoc projects. You can filter these by category and view details about the specific roles.

Alistair Stoddart

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Community Engagement and Scotland Lead

Alistair is the Community Engagement and Scotland Lead for Democratic Society. Having recently completed a Masters in International Communications at the University of Leeds his interests lie in the impact of the Internet on democratic engagement and relationships betw...

Anthony Zacharzewski

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Anthony runs Demsoc from day to day. He has spent over a decade working on his two main interests – tech and politics – and thinking about how emerging social and network technologies can improve government and political participation. In 2006, he was one o...

Ásta Guðrun Helgadóttir

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EU Lead

Ásta is the EU Lead for The Democratic Society. Her job is to work with both the EU institutions in London and Brussels by complimentary components – helping institutions to understand and formulate ways of bringing citizens in to policy making and also creating an environment...

Christina Dykes

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Christina has been working in British politics for many years. You can find out more about her current work and experience at

Dr. Andy Williamson

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Andy is an internationally recognised thought-leader in digital democracy, democratic innovation and transforming engagement. He works with parliaments, governments and civil society organisations right around the world to make democracy work better, strengthen leadership and to ...

Dr. Catherine Howe

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Catherine is Chief Executive of social technology firm Public-i, and a specialist in social media and eDemocracy with a background in technology delivery. She has worked with online communities and social networking tools for over 10 years. Initially developing learning applicati...

Dr. Charlotte Mulcare

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Communications Director

Charlotte Mulcare has recently joined the Demsoc team to share her expertise in strategic communications. Her background combines private sector agency work, political analysis and academic research. Her early career as a policy advisor in the Department of Health created an addi...

Jason Kitcat

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Interim Digital Lead

Jason Kitcat is a champion for digital transformation and passionate about public services. He is currently the Interim Digital Lead for The Democratic Society. He was previously the award-winning Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council. Through the Open Rights Group, Jason is...

Kelly McBride

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Democratic Engagement

Kelly has joined Demsoc in March 2015 as a Democratic Engagement intern. She studied Anthropology & Development Studies at the University of Sussex, before undertaking two year terms as the President of the Students' Union, where her work included developing structures for d...

Liz Owen

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Liz Owen is Head of Customer Insight at the Department for Energy and Climate Change and Policy Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge. Her work creates, uses and interprets evidence on customer behaviour, attitudes and values. Prior t...

Matilda Murday

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Relationships and Democratic Innovation

Matilda is "relationships and democratic innovation" at the Democratic Society. Her role is to understand and navigate the current and developing innovations in democracy in the UK and globally, as well as to build and maintain relationships with the people and institutions who h...

Michelle Brook

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Millicent Scott

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Millicent has spent over a decade working on increasing citizens' engagement with policy making and bringing people into democratic processes. Before joining DemSoc in 2015 she had worked for the Scottish Government, Scottish Civic Forum, European Parliament, the Association for ...

Niamh Webster

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Democratic Engagement

Niamh joined Demsoc as a Democratic Engagement intern in 2015. She supports our Scottish based projects from our Edinburgh Office. Prior to joining Demsoc staff, she worked for the Scottish Parliament in a political communications role for Patrick Harvie MSP. Niamh studied Law an...

Susie Latta

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Operations Director

Susie Latta manages Demsoc’s projects. In a wide ranging career she has managed many complex projectsin the private, public and charitable sectors, both in the UK and overseas. She began her career as a manager with J Sainsbury plc before going on to do public relations for new...