Dr Andy Williamson

Glasgow-based Dr Andy Williamson is a global leader in democratic innovation and civic participation, bringing extensive experience in strategy, political campaigning, communication, social and tech start-ups and participatory research. Most recently, he has worked with the Scottish Government, Cabinet Office, United Nations, Volvo and the parliaments of the UK, Chile, Moldova and Serbia. Andy works with ministers, elected members and policy-makers, businesses, academics and citizens.

He is an acknowledged expert in parliamentary openness and engagement and the author of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s World e-Parliament Report, the IPU’s Social Media Guidelines for Parliaments and co-author of ‘From Arrogance to Intimacy – Handbook for Active Democracies’. He is a member of the UK Open Government Network Steering Group, the Scottish Open Government Partnership Pioneer Board, the OGP’s Legislative Openness Working Group and the Llywydd’s Taskforce on Digital Communication in the National Assembly for Wales.

Andy is well known as a skilled facilitator, engaging public speaker, writer and commentator for a wide range of media, including The Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera and TedX. A New Zealander, he holds a PhD in Information Science from Monash University, Melbourne, has held senior leadership positions in the private, public and charity sectors and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He was previously the Chair of Do-it UK, Director of Digital Democracy at the Hansard Society and Deputy Chair of the New Zealand Government’s Digital Strategy Board.