Do Tory Central office write all this paper?

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As Nosemonkey has spotted, the Daily Mail‘s “Debate 2010” site is currently entirely devoted to attacking the LibDems. But what’s this – has the peasants’ revolt spread even to the hallowed right-wing halls of the Daily Mail comment box? Their plea for Britain not to sleepwalk into disaster has lots of scornful comments on. Even the ratings system, which the BNP can usually game to float racist nonsense to the top, has gone rogue. The top rated comment is the title of this post, the second top rated says:

The right-wing press have been acting like babies ever since the last debate.┬áThe media HATE it when people think for themselves, don’t they? This paper has tried to force ‘Dave’ and his missus on us like he’s the best thing since sliced bread. The Mirror do the same with Brown. The public decide to look in another direction and the toys come out of the pram. Amusing.

Enjoy it while it lasts. The partisan hacks are no doubt gathering to post and vote up their usual screams of hatred.

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2 replies on “Do Tory Central office write all this paper?”

  1. Here’s another ‘best rated’ comment from the Mail, from Caroline in London:

    If the right-wing press hadn’t been so concerned with painting Labour as a Socialist Menace over the last ten years, you might have realised what many of us have known for years: that the Lib Dems are now the centre-left option as Labour have moved so far towards the authoritarian right.

    This barrage of anti-Clegg articles from the Daily Mail are laughable, really. Clegg must be rubbing his hands in glee. He is a true liberal and I imagine like many true liberals, he measures his success in the amount of ire he attracts from the likes of the Daily Mail.

    It really seems an act of self-parody by the Mail, but then as the other commenter says, the media feels a bit left out when the public goes in a direction it didn’t anticipate or feel responsible for.

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