The final 2010 Leaders’ Debate

Well here we are with one week to go until the big day.

As Harold wilson said ‘a week is a long time in politics’, and it will seem longer for some, but tonight fortunes can change. We may not like it, but the debates have had a huge influence, if not on the electorate, which remains to be seen, then at least in the polls and across the media, both new and traditional.

And as tonight will be the last time we see the three would-be prime ministers share a stage, it could be the night that makes or breaks a campaign.

We will be live blogging the event in this post (technology, and my grasp of it, permitting) and to ease the nerves we will be running a drinking game with rules below!*

So put the kids to bed, sit back with the TV (BBC 1 from 8.30pm) our site and a drink and enjoy the final Election 2010 Leaders’ Debate.

*Drinking game rules:
Firstly we should point out that this is really a bit of fun and we hope you see it that way. Join in with what ever drink you like although I would suggest drinking half the stated amount if drinking anything stronger than an average beer. Soft drinks are good although nothing too hot!

Two finger rules, drink two fingers of your drink if:
Anyone says “I agree with…” or words to that affect. (Twitter hashtag: #IAW)
Anyone tries the higher ground “look at these too bickering” approach (#HG)
Any time some one talks about how they “recently met a common man/student/nurse/bigot”. (#IMET)

Three finger rules:
Cameron stares into the camera – Look into my eyes! (#LIME – thanks Anthony!)
Brown does a ‘cheesey chops’ unnatural smile (#chops)
Clegg talks about the “old parties” (#old)

Down your drink(!) if:

Cameron relates an anecdote from his days in the Bullingdon Club
Brown calls either of the others a bigot
Clegg says he wont be able to run the country without the help of one of the other two.

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