Lunchtime list for May 24th

Here are some thoughts on lunchtime reading for today:

  • In the loop: Twitter’s transformation of British politics – The Independent’s John Rentoul writes about how his work of covering UK politics has been transformed by Twitter.
  • Europe’s debt crisis and Keynes’ green cheese solution – Well-timed for today’s UK spending cuts announcement, Thomas Palley writes on the FT’s Economists’ Forum that the economic orthodoxy written into the European Central Bank is preventing the correct policy response to the crisis. Fiscal austerity is a cure that will kill the patient. The ECB should work to create inflation.
  • The digital switchover is folly. Listeners like radio as it is – Julian Glover criticises the radio switchover (from analogue to digital) currently starting in the UK. The rationale in the headline is rubbish (people usually like things the way they are even if there are better alternatives). The commentary in the article is better.
  • Beyond the door marked “Austerity” – Paul Mason looks at the risks of the euro bailout deal. If the creation of a financial government on Germany’s terms is the price of the Greek bailout, can southern European countries avoid economic depression, or even social unrest?
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