Lunchtime list for May 26th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today:

  • The collapse of the euro would open the door to democracy – Lots of euro stuff recently, much from a technical perspective, so here's a counterbalance in a traditional UK-Eurosceptic article from Simon Heffer. His thesis: that the end of the Euro, and with it an economic disaster in Europe unlike any seen since the second world war would be worth it, because it would restore democracy.
  • What’s going on in North Korea – North Korea has sunk a South Korean warship, and now cut off diplomatic ties in a huff. Is war on the horizon? The FT considers the possible reasons behind the North's new hard line.
  • The Last Post – John Curtice analyses the general election voting pattern, and concludes that (with or without voting reform) hung parliaments will be the norm in the future, not the exception.
  • Europe’s Birth Pangs – An extraordinarily optimistic take on the euro crisis from the editor of the German finance newspaper Handelsblatt. (New York Times)
  • The Times paywall: An end to sharing – The Times is currently building its Great Paywall. In four weeks, the sites will stop being free. Rory Cellan-Jones considers what that might mean for its readers and writers.
  • Two words, son: Shale Gas – Gideon Rachman finds out how technological advances in gas extraction might end the US and EU's dependence on foreign gas supplies.

Published by Anthony Zacharzewski

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