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Welcome to this week’s Talk Issues ‘Thinktank Roundup’ – your one-stop review of all the best publications, research, commentary and events from leading UK think tanks. Not surprisingly in the week of the Queen’s speech various thinktanks responds to their fears & hopes from the government legislative programme for the next 18 months.

Reports, Publications & Research

“In a world in which financial and material resources are short, this pamphlet examines detailed examples of how communities, businesses and local government have come together to make use of heritage infrastructure, and looks at lessons that they might hold more generally. The recession need not lead to a halt to development: it can prompt us to alter practice and behaviours.”

Briefs, Articles & Comment

Speeches & Events

  • In anticipation of the coalition’s Great Repeal Bill the Institute of Economic Affairs are hosting a debate on which laws should be reformed, amended or completely repealed. The debate, at 18:00 on Thursday 3rd June at 2 Lord North Street, Westminster will be chaired by Mark Littlewood (director-general, Institute of Economic Affairs), speakers include Professor Philip Booth (Institute of Economic Affairs), Guy Herbert (general secretary, NO2ID), Shane Frith (director, classical liberal think tank Progressive Vision), author and historian Chris Snowdon, and Simon Clark (director, smokers’ lobby group Forest). More details here.
  • On Wednesday 23rd June, following the coalition’s emergency budget, the IFS will host a lunchtime briefing at Senate House (near the IFS offices) in London – an opportunity to hear a considered view of the Chancellor’s announcements from Institute staff. The event isn’t free & registration is required – more details here.
  • On 7th June The Kings Fund will hold a half-day conference exploring the implications of the changing policy and political environment for those working in the NHS and leading health care organisations.

If there’s anything else worthwhile you’d like to share please let us know in the comments.

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