Strange priorities

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The TaxPayers’ Alliance has released a survey undertaken by YouGov on “four popular spending cuts” that the Government should undertake. The four are freezing the international development budget; cancelling High Speed 2; stopping paid trade union posts in public services; and scrapping the Green Investment Bank.

Did one of those pop out at you? What about if I add potential savings realised: £3.7 billion; £30 billion; £67.5 million; £3 billion.

So out of line was the saving from union posts (500 times less than two of the others, 5,000 times less than cancelling HS2), that I assumed there must have been some selective reporting of the poll results. After all, it’s not like the TPA are short of suggestions on how to save money.

But no, if you look at the full poll tables (pdf) they were the only four questions that were asked. Given all the juicy targets around pensions, fat cats and European bail-outs, I’m struggling to understand why paid union officers were put in the firing line.

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Published by Anthony Zacharzewski

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