Spain: “On road to the election, drive in 140 characters”

Mariano Rajoy
Could it be Rajoy? .... Yes, probably. Image via Wikipedia

So, it’s the Spanish general election on Sunday, and while many are saying that it’s a foregone conclusion…. well, yes, it probably is a foregone conclusion. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting things happening in the campaign.

An article by El País (en Español, Google Translate) has an overview of the online campaigning so far. The likely loser, Rubalcaba, is a more prolific tweeter (74 tuits per day compared to 50 for likely winner Rajoy), but Rajoy has more followers – 108,000. That’s a pretty good showing (equivalent in population terms to about 200,000 for Ed Miliband). On the basis of a report (PDF, ES) from Ketchum Pleon, a communications consultancy, País reports that Twitter is the primary method for interaction rather than the blogs or Facebook accounts of the last campaign.

The minor parties such as IU (left-wing alliance) and UPyD (centrist anti-nationalist party) don’t fare so well by comparison, with IU steering clear of Twitter and concentrating on Facebook, though País reports that the tiny UPyD is the leading party on Spanish-based social network Tuenti.

There’s also a very nice little website widget provided by El País (in multiple languages) to track Sunday’s results live.


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