Blogging Portal is a website that brings together blogs from all across the EU, currently curating 1116 blogs. These blogs are aggregated in to English language (you can also select French or German in the top bar), grouped under topics such as transport or banking and the best are selected by Blogging Portal’s editors.

Blogging Portal is planning a massive relaunch, improving userbility, increasing the number of editors, re-branding, prettifying and general expanding in to a really interesting project, as well as a great opportunity to allow people greater access and insight in to what’s happening in the EU. It will also begin translating the blogs it gathers so that you discover even more about what’s going on outside of your member state – see comments below.

As part of the relaunch Blogging Portal are running a competition for people to submit ideas for their new branding.

Blogging portal has the potential to drastically open up dialogue outside of the Brussels bubble and therefore my submission is:

Untitled-7Europin: bursting the Brussels bubble

To submit your own idea contact Mathew Lowry here. They are also expanding their editors number, so if it’s something you’re keen on getting involved with let them know.


2 replies on “Blogging Portal is relaunching”

  1. Hi Matilda,

    Many thanks for the post and the design idea! A quick clarification, however: BP does not translate anything. It does aggregate posts in many languages – the language selector is actually a filter, so you can use BP to find posts from around Europe, about the EU, in as few or as many languages as you like.

    The rebooted site will be however much more powerful – we’ll be combining machine translation, semantic analysis and faceted search, so that it will much, much easier for users to find content about different aspects of EU policy from around Europe … and much easier for people writing that content to find an audience in many more countries. This should help stimulate conversations across Europe, about Europe.

    The reboot project is currently documented in a series of posts on my blog – click on my name to find them.

    The latest post is where people suggest a new name. I’ve updated it with your suggestion. There are around a dozen more from other followers (text only), so I’ll put together a poll sometime soon.

    The next post will provide a sneak preview of the wireframes. If anyone wants to keep informed on progress, grab my blog’s RSS or simply make contact in some way (Twitter, comment to my blog, etc.) and I’ll include you in the mailing list.

    Thanks again!

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