What should your rights be as a citizen of the European Union?

You probably already knew that as an EU citizen you have the right to live, work or study in any other EU country, but did you know you also have the right to appeal to any EU embassy or consulate for help if you get into trouble outside the EU? What rights do you want to have as an EU citizen? Do the existing ones go far enough? Are there other areas where you would like to see your rights established at EU level?

Submit your ideas and rate and comment on those of other people. Authors of the most popular and most commented ideas will be invited to present them to European Commission Vice-President Vivianne Reding at an event in Central London on 10 February 2014. This will be the occasion to discuss their ideas with European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding and 400 others from all walks of life. The event will be one of a year-long series of “Citizens’ Dialogues” across Europe that will feed into new policy ideas from the European Commission in 2014. Registration for the February event will open soon.