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On the 10th February 2014 European Commission is holding an event at the Royal Institution in London called the ‘Citizens’ Dialogue’. Attendees will meet with European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding and have the opportunity to shape new policy ideas for the European Commission.

If you would like attend this event please register here.

Talk Europe: European Dialogue

In advance of the Citizens’ Dialogue Event we are running a discussion centred around three themes, two of which are currently live:

The questions that are currently live are:

We are asking people to submit answers to these questions and also rate and comment on other people’s ideas. The authors with the most highly rated and commented responses will be invited  to present their ideas to the European Commissioner at the 10 February event.

During our Future Europe Event participants put forward their answers

Future Europe Results


What should the European Union of the future look like?

The EU of the future should be a lot lighter and less bureaucratic

The EU should get out of the way and encourage free trade rather than protectionism in the future

Neil Dance:

  • EU that’s smaller and less bureaucratic, that is the envy of the world.
  • Every member of the population to pay tax
  • Less parochialism [Neil Dance]

Chris Terry

Make EU issues much more related to national debates on issues – EU policy doesn’t exist as a silo, it’s something that relates to everything.

Ali Stoddart:

MEPs should become better at communicating with their constituents – or at least communicating better what already exists

Alessandro Fusco

The EU should undergo a digital revolution; there is currently a lack of communication and engagement [Gov.EU]


What should your rights be as a citizen of the European Union?

EU citizens’ should be able to dictate their rights as EU citizens in their own states, rather than have it decided at EU level

There should be EU funding for each nation’s citizens to learn at least 3 other EU languages

Matilda Murday

The European Human Rights Charter should be translated into legislated granted rights for all EU citizens, make ECHR part of the Copenhagen Criteria


How should the EU tackle the economic crisis?

Cosimo Montagu

  • The EU should Look beyond the technocratic regulations on banking & have a look at broader cultural questions around capitalism and the financial system
  • There should be more accountability around ratings agencies, and stronger divide between agencies and banks.

Ust Oldfield

There should be fiscal as well as monetary and political union in the Eurozone

Camilla Gallacher

  • We should think about the limits of regulation – work out how we build super-state legitimacy.
  • We should think about how could we make the culture of banking more social-entrepreneurial and pro-social?
  • There should be metrics for social impact and transparency within of financial firms, regulatory, ratings agencies and investors
  • There should be corporate duties for social responsibilities to go with corporate rights as persons.
  • Connecting social institutions such as business schools to share learning on changing economic theories

Nathaniel Smith

Beyond GDP – start measuring things like Social Progress Index – EU to rate and rank member states on social progress metrics & governance structures that reflect that


How can we create a democratic European politics together?

Incorporate EU basics into citizenship curriculum (in reality as well as in theory)

Christina Ross

  • We should have an open policy and consultative legislation
  • If Britain joined the Euro, people would feel more European – UK lacks the overt symbols of being European
  • System of post-legislative scrutiny – follow up on EU laws and see whether they are working as intended, and what their unintended consequences have been

Antony Carpen

  • Create of informed consent – political literacy and straightforward systems
  • Organisations that lobby the EU on issues (include trade bodies) should actively inform their members about the EU and what they’re doing

Alessandro Fusco

  • The EU should collect taxes directly for its own budget – makes it feel more real to people.
  • We should use the example of Denmark to improve Parliamentary scrutiny of European issues and make MPs and public better informed
  • Education – provide more education about Europe and different cultures (which seems a bit political at the moment, but is necessary)

Get Involved

To submit your own ideas and rate those of others, please visit the Talk Europe site.

As part of this work we have also set up a new Twitter account where we will be focusing on our European Union work and will be the main account for our election coverage. To be kept up to date please follow @TalkEurope