The eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government.

Following on from the Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2013 (CeDEM13), the eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government (JeDEM)  has published its latest issue (5,2), which can be found here.

This issue presents the best peer-reviewed papers from the CeDEM13 and judging by the list of contents, below, they should make for some interesting reading for those wishing to explore the impact the Internet is having on civic engagement and ways of doing government. All papers are Open Source.

JeDEM Issue 5,2 – Contents:

Online parliamentary election campaigns in Scotland: a decade of
Graeme Baxter, Rita Marcella

The Five Stars Movement in the Italian Political Scenario. A Case for
Cybercratic Centralism?
Rosanna De Rosa

Understanding E-Democracy Government-Led Initiatives for Democratic
Julie Freeman, Sharna Quirke

Safe Online e-Services Building Legitimacy for E-government. A Case
Study of Public E-services in Education in Sweden
Mariana Gustafsson, Wihlborg Elin

Parliamentary Information Visualization as a Means for Legislative
Transparency and Citizen Empowerment?
Aspasia Papaloi, Dimitris Gouscos

Re-Designing Open Data 2.0
Alon Peled

Collective Action: Going Digital: Overcoming Institutional and
Micro-Structural Constraints through Technology Use
Carol Soon