Open Policymaking for Health: NHS Citizen

The Government are creating a Citizen Assembly within NHS England, so that health policy can be shaped and guided by citizens’ voice.

NHS Citizen will be a complete system that will listen to citizens via online and offline channels, curate conversation and debate, pulling in evidence, and formal bi-annual assemblies that will produce formal reports for NHS England.

Simon Burall from Involve speaks about the project here:


There are times, very rare times, where a part of government decides that it needs to develop a new structure to give citizens more power to hold it to account.


When this happens, the usual way it is done is that a large consultancy or corporation, or the politically orientated flavour of the month thinktank, is sent away to work in a darkened room. They then emerge six months later with a shiny new organisational structure that they guarantee will change the balance of power. Only it doesn’t. Either it doesn’t work, or it doesn’t do so in a way that more than a few dozen people outside government have heard about and so changes nothing for most citizens.


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NHS Citizen is a project worked in partnership with the Democratic Society, Public-iInvolve and theTavistock Institute.


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