Alliance for the Future of Austria

Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ). BZÖ were formed by the office-seeking wing of the FPÖ led by Jӧrg Haider in 2005. Haider’s new party struggled to compete against its more radical former party, failing to compete in a string of state elections and only barely making it into the national parliament in 2006. The party performed stronger in 2008, however, winning 10.7% of the vote. Together with the FPÖ, the Austrian far-right took 28.2%, surpassing the FPÖ’s record of 26.9%. Shortly after the 2008 election Haider was killed in a car crash.

The new party leader was Josef Bucher, who tried to morph BZÖ into a more typically conservative party, attempting to carve out a space in the spectrum between the FPÖ and ÖVP where it could form coalitions with the latter party. This backfired when the party’s backbone,the Carinthian wing, defected en masse to the FPÖ.

From that point on, BZÖ was essentially a dead party. The party gained a single MEP when the Lisbon Treaty redistribution came in, but their MEP was ejected from the party after criticising the party’s 2013 campaign. The party lost all its seats in the 2013 election. It is exceptionally unlikely that BZÖ will have any impact on the European elections.

The party is not currently a member of any European political party. In the unlikely event it does gain seats it could be a candidate to join the Europe of Freedom and Democracy or the European Conservatives and Reformists.


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