Team Stronach

Team Stronach (TS) is the newest of Austria’s right-populist parties. Formed by the Austrian and Canadian businessman Frank Stronach the party entered Austrian politics with a big splash in 2012, with Stronach boasting of personal endorsements from figures such as Bill Clinton. With defections from other parties, TS was able to qualify as an official party group and gain access to state funding.

As the name suggests, TS is based around the personality and views of Frank Stronach. These views are right-wing, liberal, anti-establishment and, particularly, Eurosceptic. Specifically Stronach is anti-Euro. It is sometimes unclear whether this means a return to the Schilling or the introduction of new currencies in competition with the Euro, however. Beyond that the party platform is vague and Stronach has the appearance of sometimes making up policy on the spot.

Team Stronach won 5.7% of the vote in the 2013 election and 11 seats and then quickly imploded. Stronach returned to Canada, due to his status as a tax exile. The party has imploded into infighting, with Stronach sacking some state leaders and the Carinthian wing are threatening to secede from the party.

The party is now polling around the 2% mark. It is unlikely it will win any seats in the European elections.

The party is not a member of any European political party, not having any MEPs. In the unlikely event it does gain a MEP it is likeliest it would join the European Conservatives and Reformists group given its ideological slant and soft Euroscepticism.