Humanist Democratic Centre

Humanist Democratic Centre (cdH). There is perhaps no greater contrast in Belgian politics than the differences between the cdH and its supposed partner, the CD&V.

Whereas the CD&V has broadly moved rightwards and become more nationalist in nationalistic, wealthy, Catholic Flanders, the cdH has responded to the more unionist, secular and centre-left atmosphere of Wallonia by changing its name to remove references to Christianity and by adopting an ideology that is broadly centre-left, some might say Blairite, in nature.

The party has also become the most outspoken opponent of increased federalism, and its leader, Joelle Milquet, has earned the sobriquet ‘Madame Non’ in the Flemish media for her supposed intransigence in coalition negotiations.

Unsurprisingly, relations with the CD&V are now pretty much non-existent.

The party has become a close ally of the Socialist Party, recognising that its best chance at political power is to enter government with it, and it is currently a member of the Walloon, Brussels and federal governments.

The cdH’s more centre-left, secular ideology is very much at odds with the rest of the parties in the European People’s Party. As a result it is one of the more rebellious members of the EPP, with its single MEP only voting alongside her group 88.8% of the time.


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