Reformist Movement

Reformist Movement (MR). The Reformist Movement is the French-speaking community’s liberal party and the main opposition to the Socialists.

A broadly centre-right liberal party it has close relations with the VLD and a similar ideology.

The MR is in government at a federal level, but the only opposition party in the Walloon regional parliament.

Technically the MR is not a single party, but rather a coalition of four parties. One of these, the Front of Francophones (FDF), a party which seeks to defend the rights of French-speakers in Brussels, walked out of the party during the 2010 government coalition due to its dislike of the impact of the negotiations on Brussels government. It is unlikely that the FDF will make a serious impact on the European elections, though it may drag some votes away from the MR.

MR cooperates with the ALDE group in the European Parliament. It votes alongside ALDE 97.5% of the time, making it less loyal than the VLD but still the fifth most loyal party.



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