National Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV)

National Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV). Originally called the ‘National Movement Simeon II’, the NDSV was founded by former Tsar Simeon II (forced out of office in 1946 at the age of 9 by the Communists) in 2001. Simeon’s movement was initially very popular, winning exactly half the seats in parliament in 2001 and it formed a coalition with the DPS. Simeon promised that in just 800 days Bulgarians would feel the positive effects of his government.

Simeon found it difficult to deliver on his promises, however, and the party came second in the 2005 election, forming a coalition with the first placed BSP and the DPS. This disappointed his supporters still further and the party crashed out of parliament altogether in 2009. The last set of European elections were held on the cusp of this disaster. As a result of falling out of parliament, Simeon resigned as leader and the party changed its name.

The NDSV is a broadly centrist liberal party. Its support is now negligible.

The NDSV is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. It is a more loyal party than the ethnic Turkish fellow ALDE member, the DPS, voting alongside ALDE members 97.4% of the time, making it the sixth most loyal party.