Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK)

Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK). Social Democracy has always been a weak ideology in Cyprus, eclipsed on the left by the strength of the Communist AKEL.

EKEL was founded in in 1969 by the former Patriotic Front party MP Vassos Lyssarides. Lyssarides would serve as the EDEK leader until 2001.The party was initially linked to armed groups run by Lyssarides which took part in clashes with Turkish-Cypriots and in opposition to the 1974 coup. It was also in favour of enosis (though conditional on Greece being democratic). The party now supports a unified but heavily centralised Cypriot state.

EDEK has historically been a small but notable party in Cyprus with support flunctuating between 6% and 12% in historic legislative elections.

EDEK served in the Christofias-led AKEL government but quit in 2010 due to objections over Christofias stance in talks with the Turkish Cypriot President on reunification.

The party supported Giorgos Lillikas, an independent former AKEL Commerce Minister in 2013. Lillikas won 24.9% of the vote, on an anti-austerity and anti-bailout platform.

This year EDEK is running in the European Elections in coalition with the Ecological and Environment Movement (KOP), Cyprus’s green party. KOP is a minor party, winning 2.2% in the 2011 legislative elections and 1 MP. Presumably if KOP gains a MEP they will serve in the European Green Party.

EDEK is a member of the Socialists and Democrats. It votes alongside the S&D 95.5% of the time, meaning it has below average loyalty for the group.