Zero Heroes Resources.


A range of resources are now available from the Zero Heroes Website to help people promote the Zero Heroes Community Competition in their area and help them win the biggest share of the £40,000 Community Prize Fund.

Resources available include poster/flyer designs, in both High & Low Resolution format; a Sign Up sheet, so communities can sign up other people in the area and earn more points; and recipe cards.

In a few weeks we will be announcing details and dates of the Zero Heroes “How To Spend It” Events. These events will give the people of each competition region the opportunity to come together and discuss how they would like to spend their share of the Prize Fund to improve their community.

Until then keep recycling, reducing & reusing and contact us with information on local events or ideas to be discussed at the “How To Spend It” Events.

Waste Less, Win More.

Email: Twitter: @DemsocLewes

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