The Liberal Alliance

The Liberal Alliance. The Liberal Alliance is the newest notable party in Denmark, and the first major new party in Denmark in a decade.

The party was founded in 2007 under the leadership of Naser Khader, a former Radicals MP. Khader, the son of a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother was born in Damascus in 1963, before his family moved to Denmark seeking economic opportunities. Khader became a naturalised Dane and a moderate Muslim who frequently spoke out against Islamism, leading a group called ‘Moderate Muslims’ in opposition to the Danish cartoon protests.

Khader’s new party was initially called the New Alliance and intended to be a centrist party which could provide alternative support for the centre-right government. The party initially exploded with popularity, polling in third, but it became quickly apparent that the party’s proposals were vague and the party lost support, winning just 5 seats in the 2007 election.

As the party’s support continued to collapse Khader defected to the Conservatives. The party’s new leader, the former Radicals MEP Anders Samuelsen decided to change tack, changing the party name to Liberal Alliance and adopting a radically classical liberal, some might even same libertarian profile.

The party’s 2009 European result represented the nadir for the party, but with time the party came to tap into a newly emerging libertarian vote. The party climbed to 5% of the vote for the 2011 general election and won 9 seats – the only member of the Blue Bloc to make gains that year.  The party is the most economically liberal party in Denmark, supporting tax cuts, and a flat tax. The party is also very socially liberal, supporting gay marriage and immigration.

The party is broadly pro-European.

The party is not currently a member of any European political party. Before the 2009 elections the party announced it would become Denmark’s third Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe member party, but as it did not win any seats this did not come to be. ALDE still seems the most natural match for the party.


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