NHS Citizen: finding us at #Expo14NHS

We’re excited to be at the Healthcare Innovation Expo in Manchester tomorrow and Tuesday, and we also have plenty of opportunities for you to join the discussion and hear more about what we’re doing. We’ll be around the Community Space – close to the back of the Community stage and marked ‘community and allotment’ on some maps – for the whole event. If you have not already, you might want to read the NHS Citizen Vision document (v5) to give a bit more background and how we got here.

What we want to learn

We’ll use our time at Expo to test some essential parts of NHS Citizen:

  1. Discover: To see if the network mapping tool works and if the maps make sense to people.
  2. Gather: Get people to engage with the online gather tool or write ideas on flags and see if we get useable suggestions.
  3. Assembly: Can we create the right tone and demonstrate the nature of the interactions at the Assembly? At the same time we will be demonstrating the power the whole system model and show how the parts interact
  4. More generally, allow people to experience NHS Citizen and reflect ‘what does this mean for me?’

We want to reach more people and recruit them for ongoing conversations and get feedback on NHS Citizen to inform the next sprint and version. We also want to demonstrate the high-level support that shows it’s worth contributing.

Out on the conference floor

We’ll be wandering around the expo in NHS Citizen t-shirts, to:

1. Tell people about NHS Citizen

2. Get contact details of people who want to stay in touch with the NHS Citizen programme. You can get in early by adding your contact details.

3. Encourage people to write ideas for discussion on flags or add them to the gather space online.

4. Give out information to take away – flyer, badge, postcards will all be available

5. Find people to take part in the mapping exercise: If people are very involved in the NHS already we would like to carry out a discover mapping exercise to understand their networks. This takes about 20 minutes. Please refer these people to Public-i – use Andrew’s contact details at the end of this post.

6. Tell people about events  details below)

Programmed events

There are four NHS Citizen events at Expo. There are more details of each of these on the World Café menu which you’ll find in the Community Space.

  1. Gather (Monday 13.15-14.15 Community Space). All through Monday, we’re asking the question: “what should NHS Citizen be talking about?” People can write their ideas on paper flags, and plant them in the community garden. There are paper flags and pens. There is also an online space where people can post ideas – we’ll make sure ideas added on paper are added online and vice versa. At the ‘Gather’ session people will come together to discuss the ideas, think of some more, and say which is their favourite to be put to the NHS Board at the Assembly session on Tuesday (more about this). You can take part by:
    1. Putting ideas on flags and planting them
    2. Coming to the session, proposing ideas for discussion and/or joining other discussions.
  2. Launch of NHS Citizen (Monday 16.00-16.45 Community Stage) At this session NHS Citizen will be officially launched. People can hear Tim Kelsey, Lord Victor Adebowale and Ciarán Devane and other key stakeholders talk about the NHSCitizen project so far
  3. NHS Citizen: Here Comes Everyone! (Tuesday 12.00-13.00 Pop-up Uni) This is a pop up university session and will be a detailed presentation and Q & A led by the NHS Citizen Project Team, highlighting how it challenges traditional methods of participation and is creating new opportunities for genuine involvement and co-design. There will be an opportunity to learn about how the project is being developed in public. At this session there will be tea and coffee. Places are limited so if you want to come along please register.
  4.  ‘The Assembly’ – What could this look like? (Tuesday 14.30-15.30 Community Space) In this session citizens and members of the NHS England senior team will come together. We need your help to prepare for and discuss the way the Assembly could work and how it could hold NHS England and its board to account.

Questions ?

To find out more you can email Andrew.brightwell@public-i.info or call 07905 243 415. Andrew will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you. Alternatively, tweet @NHSCitizen to be put in touch with one of the NHS Citizen team.


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