NHS Citizen Design Workshop 7th and 8th May 2014, St Georges Centre, Leeds

We are having a two-day NHS Citizen Design workshop on 7th and 8th May in Leeds. This workshop is for everyone.

The aims are to:

  • Share and discuss what has been learnt from everything we have done on NHS Citizen since October last year;
  • Work on what NHS Citizen looks and feels like; and
  • Agree the important outstanding questions about NHS Citizen that must be answered by September 2014.

In the workshop we will build on what we have already done and we will work together to:

  • Keep listening and answering questions about the issues and concerns that citizens and people involved with NHS Citizen raise;
  • Find out what needs to change, including in NHS England, if NHS Citizen is to work well;
  • Agree the rules we need for NHS Citizen to make it work well;
  • Check that any NHS Citizen rules we agree will work with any changes, including those at NHS England so that NHS Citizen will run well;
  • Work out what online tools and websites are needed for NHS Citizen to work well; and
  • Discuss the main questions that NHS Citizen will have to answer over the next six months and the best way to answer them.

What we will have at the end of the two-day workshop:

  • An updated version of NHS Citizen and a way for us to check this with people over the next six months;
  • Ideas of what online tools and websites we need for NHS Citizen; and
  • Questions that we need to answer and ways of finding answers for us to try over the following six months.

If you would like more information please do email us. You can book a place at the workshop here and see more details of other events here.