Movement for France (MPF)

Movement for France (MPF). The Movement for France is a right-wing Eurosceptic party founded by Jacques Chirac’s former communications minister, the aristocrat, Phillippe de Villiers. The party claims to be the true heir of Gaullism, with strongly soft Eurosceptic stances and an interventionist economic policy. It cooperates with the UMP in national elections and has 2 seats in the National Assembly. Opponents claim that the party is far-right. The party is certainly somewhere between the UMP and FN. The party won 12.3% of the vote in the 1994 European elections and was the top right-wing party in 1999 with 13.1%, it has been in decline since then, and won only one seat on 4.8% of the vote in 2009, where it ran as part of Irish Eurosceptic Declan Ganley’s ill-fated ‘Libertas’ project.

MPF has negligible support in polls in the run-up to the elections, and it is unclear if the party is even running. If it does run it may still be able to save the popular de Villiers seat through a strong performance in his West France constituency.

MPF is a member of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group. Even by the standards of the EFD it is a party that coheres with the group poorly, voting with it only 52.0% of the time, the third least loyal member.